SOL Club Programs

Workshop outline

  • Each workshop will be approximately one to two hours long.​

  • Each workshop with have at least two instructors

  • The young artists will then learn basic performance and/or visual art skills from professional artists and educators.

Age Range

  • Middle School & High school


  • We hope to offer workshops and art classes in community centers and other locations throughout Sonoma County.

Art Workshop Offerings

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Singing & Music

  • Acting & Improv

  • Painting & Other Visual Arts

  • Poetry & Spoken Word

  • Fashion Design & Creation 

  • Film Productions

  • Photography

  • Culinary Arts

  • Inspirational Guest Speakers

  • Lowrider Bike Shows

  • Mentorship Programs 


  • The SOL Club program is committed to providing teaching opportunities to qualified professional artists in the community to instruct the art workshops.

Painting Equipments